Milan, a city where fashion, art, and culture come together, offers a wide range of accommodation options. Whether you want to experience the city’s luxury in high-end hotels or find a cozy atmosphere in more affordable boutique hotels, there’s something for everyone in Milan. In this guide, I’ve gathered the best areas and hotels for you to stay in Milan. Enjoy reading the Milan accommodation guide!

Where to stay in Rome?

Milan Accommodation Guide

First of all, let me tell you about the best neighborhoods for accommodation in Milan and who these neighborhoods are suitable for.

You can find here all available hotels in Milan that are most suitable for you.

Where to stay in Milan?

You can also find my carefully selected hotel recommendations for each neighborhood. I do not have any partnerships with these hotels, but I tried to choose the best reviewed, well-located and clean hotels for every budget.

Centro Storico – Duomo

For those who want to stay in the heart of Milan, the Duomo neighborhood is the place to stay. Home to the city’s most iconic building, the Duomo Cathedral, this neighborhood is the most logical place for first-time visitors. Apart from its historical texture, it also appeals to shopping enthusiasts with its famous places such as Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. For gastronomy lovers, you will find beautiful restaurants, cafes and patisseries around every corner. I can also say that it is very attractive for those who love nightlife. However, the Duomo neighborhood also has some disadvantages; crowds and high prices. This area can be expensive and crowded due to the heavy flow of tourists and may not be ideal for those looking for tranquility and/or budget-friendly accommodation. But for those who want to fully experience the energy and charm of the city, the Duomo Quarter is an excellent accommodation option.

Centro Storico – Duomo Hotel Recommendations

Milan Duomo Budget Friendly Hotel Recommendations: Ostello Bello Milano Duomo Hostel

Milan Duomo Middle Class Hotel Recommendations: Prestige Boutique HomesSuite Santa TeclaRooms Milano Duomo

Milan Duomo Luxury Hotel Recommendations: Galleria Vik MilanoPark Hyatt MilanoNH Collection Milano President


Brera is one of Milan’s most characteristic, trendy and bohemian neighborhoods. Once an artists’ district, Brera is now a very lively neighborhood, but it has not lost its artistic influence. It is home to the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, one of the oldest and most prestigious art schools in Europe. You can see many art galleries and boutiques as you wander through the narrow streets. It is located just northwest of the city center, so it is easy to reach the sights. There are also very popular Italian restaurants and cafes in this neighborhood. It is also a neighborhood that locals often prefer to spend time in, and it is also a very lively neighborhood in terms of nightlife. This is a great option for those looking for accommodation in a more local and bohemian neighborhood. Although the prices here are more affordable compared to Duomo, I can still say that it is not very affordable.

Brera Hotel Recommendations

Milan Brera Budget Friendly Hotel Recommendations:  Brera Boutique Suites MilanoRELSTAY

Milan Brera Middle Class Hotel Recommendations: Charming Milan ApartmentsMilan Royal SuitesSerendipity Apartments

Milan Brera Luxury Hotel Recommendations: Hotel Milano ScalaBulgari Hotel Milano

You can check here for all available hotels near Brera.

The Navigli neighborhood is one of the most vibrant and colorful areas of Milan. Famous for its historic canals, this neighborhood is an ideal accommodation option especially for young people and those who love nightlife, and the prices are relatively affordable. I think it would not be wrong to say that it is the party center of Milan. Navigli is Milan’s historic canal district with origins dating back to the Middle Ages. It was used for transportation, irrigation and drainage in ancient times. There are many restaurants, bars and shops along the canals and the atmosphere is very pleasant. The biggest advantage of this neighborhood is that it is a place where you can mingle with the locals and discover local non-touristy places. However, Navigli is not without its disadvantages. It can be quite crowded, especially on weekends and noisy at night. Also, the fact that it is located a little further away from the central areas may make it a little difficult to reach the city center.

Milan Navigli Budget Friendly Hotel Recommendations: Alzaia Naviglio GrandeHbhall Residenze DarsenaCombo Milano Hostel

Milan Navigli Middle Class Hotel Recommendations: Hotel Mercure Milano SolariMilan Retreats Navigli

Milan Navigli Luxury Hotel Recommendations: Art Hotel Navigli

You can check here for all available hotels near Navigli.

Stazione Centrale

Stazione Centrale neighborhood, which provides quick access to the center of Milan, is a very advantageous accommodation area for travelers. It is especially ideal for intercity travelers and business travelers. Its proximity to the train station makes it very practical in terms of transportation. It is also very easy to reach the airport from here. There are many hotel options in the neighborhood and they are generally more affordable than in other areas. One of the biggest advantages of Stazione Centrale is the quick and easy access to other parts of the city. Thanks to the metro and bus networks, you can easily reach everywhere in Milan. There are also a variety of restaurants, cafes and shopping malls in the neighborhood, so you don’t have to travel far to find what you need. However, Stazione Centrale also has some disadvantages. The area can feel a bit noisy and unsafe, especially at night. Therefore, it may not be the ideal choice for those looking for a quieter and safer place.

Stazione Centrale Hotel Recommendations

Milan Stazione Centrale Budget Friendly Hotel Recommendations: Hotel SopergaSpice Hotel MilanoHotel MythosOstello Bello Hostel

Milan Stazione Centrale Middle Class Hotel Recommendations: NH Milano CorsoB&B Hotel Milano AostaDelle Nazioni Milan HotelNYX Hotel Milan by Leonardo Hotels

Milano Stazione Centrale Luxury Hotel Recommendations: INNSiDE by Melia Milano Torre GalFaiQ Hotel MilanoAXYHOTELS InnStyle MilanoExcelsior Hotel Gallia

You can check here for all available hotels near Stazione Centrale.

Quadrilatero d’Oro

The Quadrilatero d’Oro “Golden Rectangle” is Milan’s most luxurious and coolest neighborhood, an ideal accommodation option for fashionistas. It gets its name from the concentration of luxury jewelry stores and boutiques. You can shop on streets like Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga in this neighborhood full of stores of world-famous brands. As well as being the shopping center of the city, it is also home to some of the best restaurants, bars and cafés in Milan, where you can dine in chic restaurants. Thanks to its central location, you are within walking distance of major sights such as the Duomo Cathedral. However, this luxury comes at a price. Hotel prices are quite high and the area is quite crowded especially during fashion week. It is a perfect place for those looking for luxury and fashion, but it may not be suitable for those who want a budget-friendly and quiet stay.

Quadrilatero d’Oro Hotel Recommendations

Milan Quadrilatero d’OroMidrange Hotel Recommendations: Home and DowntownSpiga Suite

Milan Quadrilatero d’OroLuxury Hotel Recommendations: Château MonfortRadisson Santa Sofia Milan

Porta Nuova & Isola

Porta Nuova is one of Milan’s most important business districts and has undergone a major transformation in recent years. Once full of dilapidated warehouses and factories, this industrial area is now full of high-rise office towers and luxury apartments. We can call it the modern face of the city. The biggest advantage of Porta Nuova is its modern infrastructure and ease of transportation. There is also a lot of green space. The neighboring neighborhood Isola has a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere with its unique boutiques, cafes and bars. Both neighborhoods are close to the main lines of the city and hotel prices are more affordable than in the center, making them a logical accommodation choice. Those who love modern city life and are looking for a central location and easy transportation may prefer them.

Porta Nuova & Isola Hotel Recommendations

Milan Porta Nuova & Isola Middle Class Hotel Recommendations: Duo Milan Porta NuovaAparthotel Porta Nuova

Milan Porta Nuova & Isola Luxury Hotel Recommendations: The Westin PalaceVmaison Milano

You can check here for all available hotels near Porta Nuova & Isola.

Citta Studi and Fiera are other areas you can check for accommodation. I am not going into details about these places because they are a bit further from the center.

I hope my Milan Accommodation Guide article will be useful for you and you will have a nice accommodation experience. If you have any suggestions for hotels or areas in Milan, I welcome them in the comments. Have a good vacation in advance!

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