Georgia is a country that stands out not only with its natural beauty and historical texture but also with its cuisine. However, choosing the right restaurant, especially when celebrating a special day, is really important. Many people who come to Tbilisi for occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries ask me for restaurant recommendations. So, I wanted to make a separate restaurant list for special occasions. I have selected the best examples of local cuisine in Tbilisi and I can say they are perfect in terms of both service and atmosphere. Here are the best fine dining Restaurants in Tbilisi…

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Tbilisi Fine Dining Restaurants

Zala Restaurant

I discovered this place late but I loved it, the atmosphere is incredibly beautiful. It is a very stylish restaurant, meticulously decorated with vintage details. It consists of rooms with tables suitable for different numbers of people, and if you are a large group, you can close an entire room consisting of one big table. It also has a very nice garden. The dishes are as beautiful as the atmosphere, the presentation and taste are top-notch, appealing to both the stomach and the eye. Prices are above the Tbilisi average, but I think it is worth it, especially on special occasions. It is located in Vera.

2 Belinski St


This was a restaurant that I liked very much when I came to Tbilisi as a tourist before I moved to Tbilisi. I can say that it was the most exclusive restaurant in Tbilisi at that time. Of course, after that, new beautiful restaurants were opened in Tbilisi, and alternatives increased, but Barbarestan is still one of the best in town. It still continues its life as a wonderful place that will satisfy you both with its atmosphere and its dishes. It is located in Marjanishvili.

132 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave


The name of the restaurant means “lilac” in Georgian. They have turned one of Tbilisi’s old houses into a restaurant, so the entrance is from inside a building. This restaurant has become very popular on social media recently, but its popularity is not in vain, they have really made a very stylish place. I can say that the dishes are contemporary adaptations of traditional Georgian cuisine, and generally delicious. It is located in Sololaki.

33 Lado Asatiani St


This is a restaurant in a complex of many cafes and resaurants in a place that used to be an old wine factory. It is a very spacious restaurant with large windows, and there is also a slightly darker inside area. It’s not bad, but it can feel a bit stuffy, if you are going to make a reservation, mention that you want to sit in the area with the windows. Reservation is required for dinner, especially on weekends. It is located in Vera.

1 Vasil Petriashvili Street, Wine Factory N 1


This is also one of my new discoveries and has only been open since 2022. It is located in the Old Tbilisi square, so I can say it is the most comfortable location for tourists. The inside is decorated very nicely, the other restaurants in the square are usually shabby and ordinary places, so this is a valuable place for the region in that sense. The food is good. If you go at a crowded time, the service may take a long time.

6 Samghebro St


This restaurant is not particularly close to tourist attractions, but if you are staying nearby or in the area for technological shopping, I recommend you to go. You are greeted by a lush green environment in the entrance hall, and two preserved trees that continue to the upper floor catch your attention. It consists of several indoor areas and a courtyard spread over a large area. It is located in Saburtalo.

57 Alexander Kazbegi Ave.


The name of the place means “cherry” in Georgian. They specialize in Megrelian cuisine, and one of their standout mezze dishes is elarji, made with cornmeal and cheese. The restaurant has a beautiful garden, so if the weather is nice, I recommend you to sit outside. It’s located in Vera, but the name of the restaurant isn’t displayed at the entrance, so it’s necessary to ask around when you arrive at the address on the map.

6 Giorgi Akhvlediani St.

I hope you find my list of the best fine dining restaurants in Tbilisi enjoyable. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment. Please check out my other food and drink lists if you’re planning a trip to Tbilisi.

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