Bergamo, situated in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, is a city rich in history and divided into two distinct areas: Città Alta and Città Bassa. Città Alta, the city’s historical heart, boasts the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while Città Bassa represents Bergamo’s modern aspect. The city, adorned with Renaissance buildings, Gothic architectural marvels, and historic churches, left a lasting impression on me, and I highly recommend a visit. Given Bergamo’s compact size, a day trip suffices to explore its wonders. In this guide, I will outline how to spend a fulfilling day in Bergamo. Welcome to the Bergamo Travel Guide.

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Bergamo Travel Guide

In this guide, I’ll cover transportation and accommodation in Bergamo, attractions and activities, and my personal dining recommendations. A single day is sufficient to experience the highlights of Bergamo. My visit at the end of March was met with pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making spring an ideal season for exploration.

Bergamo Transport Guide

Bergamo is accessible by air, with its own airport offering potentially inexpensive flights. My journey from Milan involved a day trip by train, purchasing tickets from Milan Central Train Station at 5.80€ for the outward journey and 5€ for the return. In Bergamo, travel between Citta Bassa and Citta Alta is convenient via bus or funicular, costing 1.5€ for a one-way ticket. While Citta Alta is easily navigable on foot, those opting to go from Citta Bassa to Citta Alta by foot should be prepared for a steep climb.”

Accommodation Options in Bergamo

To be honest, I didn’t stay in Bergamo, but I was planning to stay for one night, so I did a lot of research. I will make some suggestions according to my own research. You can easily travel from Milan on a day trip, but of course you can stay to enjoy this small city more.

Bergamo Citta Alta Accommodation Options

Luxury Hotel: Relais San Vigilio al CastelloGombitHotel

Mid-range Hotel: Hotel Piazza VecchiaLe Funi Hotel

Budget Friendly Hotel: Uptown B&BColleoni 20

Bergamo Citta Bassa Accommodation Options

Mid-range Hotel: Hotel Excelsior San MarcoWestern Hotel Cappello D’OroMercure Bergamo Centro Palazzo Dolci

Budget Friendly Hotel: Angolo Del PoetaResidenza del BorgoBergamo Inn 43

For all available accommodation options in Bergamo please check here.

Things to see and do in Bergamo

My journey through Bergamo was exclusively within Città Alta, the city’s historical core, where ancient walls and sacred sites beckon with their architectural grandeur. The stunning vistas and historical ambiance so captivated me that I felt no need to venture into Citta Bassa. Here are the highlights of Città Alta that you shouldn’t miss.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore: The cornerstone of my visit, this 12th-century church is a treasure trove of exquisite frescoes and sculptures. With an entrance fee of just 3€, its beauty is an absolute must-see.

Cappella Colleoni: Adjacent to the basilica, this chapel stands as a magnificent testament to Renaissance artistry, offering free entry. Though compact, its wall paintings are remarkably striking.

Duomo di Bergamo: This 17th-century Gothic cathedral serves as Bergamo’s foremost spiritual haven. Surprisingly, its interior’s splendor exceeded my expectations, and access is freely granted.

Piazza Vecchia: The quintessential square at the heart of Città Alta, perfect for savoring a coffee or relaxing with a drink in one of its inviting cafes.

Campanone (Bell Tower): Dominating Piazza Vecchia, this emblematic tower was erected in 1656, with an observation deck added subsequently. It offers a sweeping view across Città Alta, making it a prime spot for panoramic appreciation.

Rocca di Bergamo: Perched at Città Alta’s apex, this medieval castle not only provides a historical backdrop but also affords visitors a spectacular city vista. For those inclined, the funicular railway offers an alternative route to the summit.

Each of these sites in Città Alta presents a unique window into Bergamo’s rich history and cultural heritage, making them essential stops on any visit to the city.

Food and Drink in Bergamo

Bergamo offers an array of exceptional dining and dessert options, catering to various tastes. Here are top picks for restaurants and a dessert spot that left a lasting impression on me. Whether you’re looking for a single meal opportunity in Bergamo or aiming to indulge according to your cravings, these recommendations have you covered.

Caffe del Tasso: Situated in the bustling Piazza Vecchia, Caffe del Tasso is the perfect place for a coffee or a spritz while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere and watching the world go by.

Il Circolino: Once a prison, this establishment has been beautifully transformed into a restaurant, where the ambiance and culinary offerings are equally impressive. With an extensive wine list to complement its dishes, Il Circolino delivers quality at prices that are surprisingly affordable, given the sophisticated presentation of its meals.

Il Fornaio: For those in the mood for something akin to fast food without sacrificing quality, Il Fornaio’s weight-sold pizza offers a delicious solution. The variety of pizzas is commendable, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

La Marianna: For dessert enthusiasts, La Marianna is a must-visit. Known as the birthplace of Stracciatella ice cream, it’s the perfect spot for a sweet treat. The charming garden setting enhances the experience, making it ideal for a post-meal indulgence.

Each of these places offers a unique slice of Bergamo’s culinary scene, promising delightful experiences for foodies and casual diners alike.

I hope my Bergamo Travel Guide will be useful as you plan your journey to Bergamo. Should there be aspects I’ve overlooked or additional questions you may have, feel free to drop them in the comments section. Likewise, I’m open to any further recommendations you might want to share.

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