As I have been living in Tbilisi since 2018, People always ask me where to eat best Georgian food in Tbilisi. So I wanted to prepare a post for my top picks. Here is my best Georgian Restaurants in Tbilisi guide.

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I’m also writing the locations of the restaurants so that you can go to anyone close to you.

Shavi Lomi: This is a restaurant located in the Chugureti region. It has a beautiful garden, but it is not used in winter time. Its interior decoration is full of vintage details and, it consists of several rooms. They serve traditional Georgian cuisine with modern touches. I recommend it especially if you are staying on the Chugureti region or if you get hungry while you are there.

Address: 28 Zurab Kvlividze St.

Amo Rame: It is located in Sololaki area, very close to Freedom Square. There are two Amo Rames: one only cooks hinkali, one cooks Georgian dishes other than hinkali, they are very close to each other. It consists of intertwined rooms decorated with vintage details and a small garden. The food is really good and I think the prices are reasonable.

Address: 4 Pavle Ingorokva St.

Keto & Kote: This is my favorite restaurant among the ones I’ve been to in Tbilisi so far. The only problem with this restaurant is that it is a bit out of the way. You enter through a dead end in the Vera district. I love both the ambiance and the food. In addition to the big hall, there is also a room where you can just sit with your friends, it is very comfortable for small group meals. It also has a garden for the summer. A bit expensive compared to other restaurants.

Address: 3 Mikheil Zandukeli Dead End

Veriko: This restaurant is located in the Vera region, in a complex where they converted the garden of an old wine factory. There are many more food and drink venues in that complex. After dinner here, you can have your cocktail at other venues, all together makes a lot of sense. I love the their food, there is both closed area and a veranda.

Address: 1 Vasil Petriashvili St.

Rigi Gastrodouqan: This place is on the opposite side of the river, but it is very close to the Orbeliani area, just ahead of the Dry Bridge Marketplace. If you get hungry before or after visiting the market, you can eat here. It has a balcony with a river view. The food here is very good. You can reach the place by going down the stairs next to the Puri Guliani restaurant.

Address: Saarbrucken Square, 2/7

Ethno Tsiskvili: This place is a little outside of the city center, in the area called Beliashvili, you need to go by car or taxi. I recommend this place for those who want to watch Caucasian dances during the meal.There are other places with dance shows like this, but I’ve tried a few of them and I can say this is the best. It is a fairly large restaurant, has multiple halls and a large garden. Make sure to book in advance, especially if you’re coming on the weekend.

Address: 99 Akaki Beliashvili St.

Sofiko: It is located in the heart of the Old Town, I would definitely recommend this place if you are somewhere around the square when you get hungry. The view is beautiful, it is a two-storey restaurant, there are terraces on both floors, but the view from the upper floor is better. The food is very successful, but I can say that it is a little bit expensive compared to other restaurants in the region.

Address: 8 Dzmebi Zdanevichebi St.

There are many more restaurants of course, but I didn’t want to confuse you by extending the list too much. That’s why I’ve only shared my favorites among my own experiences. I hope also you like these restaurants.

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