Since we live in Georgia, we stay in Batumi every time we go to Turkey by car. Of course, sometimes we just go for a holiday. Although I like Tbilisi more, I also enjoy my time in Batumi. I will now share all my Batumi suggestions with you so that you can enjoy Batumi as we do and have a nice Batumi tour. You will find answers to all your questions in this Travel Guide to Batumi.

  1. Batumi Travel Guide
    1. How to get to Batumi from Tbilisi?
    2. When to go to Batumi? How many days to stay in Batumi?
    3. Where to stay in Batumi? Batumi Accommodation
    4. Where to eat in Batumi? Batumi Food Guide
    5. Batumi nightlife
  2. Batumi Itinerary – Top Things to Do in Batumi

Batumi Travel Guide

How to get to Batumi from Tbilisi?

We go to Batumi from Tbilisi by car, but you can also go by train. It takes around 6-7 hours with a few stops by car, and 5 hours by train. There are 3 rides a day between Friday and Monday, and 2 rides a day between Tuesday and Thursday. Ticket prices vary as 35-75-125 Lari depending on the class. If you want to buy tickets online, you can use To reach the city center from Batumi central station, you can take a taxi or the buses 10, 15, 20, 31. You can also go to Batumi with minibuses called marshrutka. This is not a very comfortable option, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want to use it, you can get on from Didube Bus Station, the fee is 35 GEL.

When to go to Batumi? How many days to stay in Batumi?

I can say that the ideal time to visit Batumi is between May and September. May may not be very suitable for the sea, but it is an easier month for sightseeing and exploring places. Places to visit in Batumi are easily visited in 2 days, but if you want to enjoy the city and take advantage of its beaches, of course, you can stay longer.

Where to stay in Batumi? Batumi Accommodation

I suggest you to stay around Batumi Boulvard. Porta Batumi is our choice every time as it is clean, safe and has a view and you can reach everywhere by foot, we are really satisfied. There are apartments with different bedroom options. You can rent them through Airbnb or booking. Here is the booking link for the best apartments in Porta Batumi. If you want to check other available hotels in Batumi, click here.

Where to eat in Batumi? Batumi Food Guide

My favorite place in Batumi is Fanfan. It is my first recommendation with its vintage decor, spacious garden and delicious food. You can go for any meal of the day. (Fanfan is closed in winter time) I can recommend Blue Elephant, BK and Leuville for breakfast and coffee. Privet iz Batuma looks like an old style patisserie, but the menu has all kinds of food, we liked this place too. I recommend Freeduchio for those who are looking for vegetarian cuisine in Batumi, it is also good for breakfast. If you want to eat seafood, you can eat at Fishlandia, Pontos or Blue Wave at the Fish Market. Laguna for the best Adjaruli Khacapuri, Tavaduri and Pirosmani for local food. In Tavaduri, they fill a giant hinkali with little hinkalis, if you want a visual show, keep it in mind. 

Batumi nightlife

We have two most favorite venues in Batumi: Conte and Chacha Time. Conte is located very close to Porta Batumi, at the entrance of an area where bars are frequent, and I can say that it is the most popular place there. Other good places we liked in the bar area were Free Space and Sami Ludi. For wine tasting, you can try Bu & Khari Wine Bar and Wine Notes.

Eclipse, the largest casino in Georgia, and the casinos of Radisson Blu and Sheraton are beautiful. I won the roulette jackpot at the Sheraton, so I especially like it. 

Batumi Itinerary – Top Things to Do in Batumi

Europe Square: A square similar to the main squares in classical European cities, with the Astronomical Clock and a park with the Statue of Medea in the middle.

Batumi Piazza: Another familiar square from Europe, surrounded by cafes and a clock tower.

Batumi Boulevard: A street that extends along the beach, having a bicycle and walking path, and is animated with palm trees and sculptures. Along the entire boulevard, there is a park next to it, as well as a wide variety of trees, fountains dancing with the music, different animals, sculptures, and playgrounds.

Miracle Park: A bright square at night with the Chacha tower, the Alphabet tower, the Ali Nino statue, the Ferris wheel and the harbor. You can see Georgian letters in the alphabet tower and dine at the restaurant on the top floor.

I would like to briefly tell the story of the Ali Nino statue. Actually, Ali and Nino are not real characters, they are the protagonists of a novel written in Vienna. The novel mentions on topics such as Islam and Christianity, the political and social structure of the Caucasus, along with the impossible love between an Azeri boy and a Georgian girl in Baku, during the First World War and the Russian Revolution.

Theater Square: The square where the Drama Theater and Neptune Fountain are located.

Apart from these, you can take the Argo Cable Car and look at the views of Batumi from above. Finally, Batumi Botanical Garden is really beautiful, I recommend you to spend some time there.

Are you planning a trip to Batumi? If you want to know more about Batumi please drop a comment below! Don’t forget to follow me for more photos and to be informed about my future posts!




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