If you are planning a trip to Germany with children, especially to Munich, you can double the pleasure of your trip by including Legoland Deutschland in your itinerary. We went with the kids in the past months and truly had a wonderful day. I decided to prepare a Guide to Legoland Deutschland with kids, including all the details you may be wondering about, have a nice read.

LEGOLAND Germany Guide

I will try to answer all the questions that families wonder about Legoland Germany.

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What age is Legoland Deutschland suitable for?

There are plenty of rides suitable for families with children between the ages of 2 and 12, but of course, the most fun ones are not for little children. Children over 6 years old and 125 cm can go on all the rides; our kids are 7 and we went on every type of roller coaster. Both the kids and we had a great time, there are adrenaline-filled rides for adults too.

When is the best time to visit Legoland Deutschland?

It opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm, but most rides close at 6 pm. I recommend being there as soon as it opens in the morning. Try to avoid German or European holiday periods and, if possible, go on a weekday. Then you won’t have to wait in lines. We had to go during the Easter period and the wait time for popular rides was up to half an hour. The best season is obviously summer because, as you know, Germany is a cold country. For example, we went in April and barely survived with our fleeces, sweaters, scarves, and hats. Legoland is normally open from mid-March to early November, but it opens for certain dates during winter.

How many days are needed for Legoland Deutschland?

We managed to visit all the play areas we wanted in one day, but due to waiting times, we couldn’t ride them multiple times. If you go during a less busy time, you can ride much more in one day. In conclusion, I think one day is quite sufficient for this place.

How to buy Legoland Germany tickets?

There may be a price advantage when you buy Legoland tickets online, so I recommend you to buy tickets from here before you go. For example, you can buy daily tickets starting from 22€ online for winter, if you buy at the door, the prices go up to 35€. In spring, the normal opening month, prices start from 39€. Children under 3 are free, you don’t need to buy a ticket for them.

How to get to Legoland Deutschland?

Legoland Germany is located in Günzburg, 1 hour by train from Munich. There is also a bus from Günzburg train station to Legoland. This bus costs €1.7 for children and €2.25 for adults. We took a taxi back from Legoland to the train station and it cost 18€.

We had purchased the Eurail Pass for the train, which might be suitable for your trip too. You can read my article about eurail if you want to check it out.

Additional Notes for Legoland Germany

Legoland is separated by concepts. In each concept, there is a store selling toys related to that concept and there is a giant Lego Store at the entrance of the park where you can find everything.

You get wet on some rides but don’t worry, there are drying machines, 2€.

Our personal favorite rides are as follows: Mythica Maximus, Fire Dragon, Flying Ninjago.

Some people know it as Legoland Munich or Legoland Nuremberg, but this is wrong, this is the only one in the neighborhood. This is one of Legoland’s Amusement parks, the other branches of Legoland in Germany are Discovery Centers, that is, places without the rides. If you are looking for something with adrenaline, this place is better.

There is wifi inside. I recommend downloading the Legoland Deutschland app, it is very useful.

Accommodation – LEGOLAND Deutschland

If you want to experience Legoland Germany to the fullest, consider staying at Holiday Village. There are different accommodations with Lego concept rooms. There is a pirate concept, a Ninjago concept, a castle concept, etc. There are barrel-shaped bungalows for example. There is also an area where you can come with your own caravan and camp.

You can check out other suitable accommodation alternatives near Legoland here.

Of course, it is possible to go by train from Munich like we did.

For suitable accommodation in Munich, you can check here.

Restaurants & Cafes – LEGOLAND Deutschland

You can bring your own food and drinks into the park; there are no restrictions. Of course, there are also several restaurants and cafes inside the park. Mostly fast food, but it’s even possible to find something from Asian cuisine. Additionally, there are food stands with popcorn, french fries and etc. To give you an idea about the prices, we, as two adults and two children, ate hamburger menus at one of the restaurants and paid a bill of 70€.

I tried to explain all the details so that there would be no question marks in mind. I hope my LEGOLAND Deutschland Guide helps you to plan a nice trip. If there is anything else you want to add or ask, please write in the comments so that everyone can benefit.

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