While most countries in the northern hemisphere are experiencing cold temperatures, Dubai is one of the best destinations to visit with children. Both the warm weather and easy visa access are great advantages. The best way to beat the heat and have fun with the kids in Dubai is to go to amusement parks. Legoland is one of the most popular amusement parks in Dubai. My Lego-loving son and I had the opportunity to visit it in the past few weeks. Now, based on our experiences, I’m sharing a guide to Legoland Dubai with kids with all the details.

  1. Legoland Dubai Guide
    1. What age is best to go to Legoland Dubai?
    2. When to go to Legoland Dubai?
    3. How many days do you need for Legoland Dubai?
    4. How to buy Legoland Dubai tickets?
    5. How to get to Legoland Dubai?
  2. Legoland Dubai Waterpark Guide
  3. Accommodation in Legoland Dubai with Kids
  4. Dining at Legoland Dubai with kids

Legoland Dubai Guide

I will try to answer all the questions that families wonder about Legoland Dubai.

What age is best to go to Legoland Dubai?

Legoland is generally designed for children between the ages of 2-12, but we can say that it appeals to all ages.

In the WaterPark, if your child is under 4 years old, you should know that they cannot ride most of the slides, it will definitely be fun again, but there are minimum height requirements of 91-102-107-122 cm on the big slides. I especially recommend it for families with children over 5 years old. I also had fun as an adult. 

In normal Legoland, there are many playgrounds with no height limit. Height limits usually start from 80-95 cm. There are only a few 105-120 limits. So there seems to be more alternatives for small children.

When to go to Legoland Dubai?

We went in mid-October, which was perfect for water parks. We were never cold and we didn’t get hot because we were in the water all the time. I think you can go to both the normal Legoland and the water park all year round, but in the water park, some areas get shady in the afternoon, so it might get a bit chilly if the weather isn’t warm enough. We went on Monday, we almost never waited in line at the slides. I recommend you to go on a weekday. In terms of timing, it’s best to arrive right at opening and stay until closing. That’s what we did, and we had such a fun day that we didn’t even realize how quickly the time passed.

How many days do you need for Legoland Dubai?

It is not a very big area, one day is enough for each park. If you want to go to both Legoland Dubai and Waterpark, I think it makes more sense to take one day each to enjoy them. I think it would be a bit busy to do both on the same day. We like to ride our favorite rides over and over again, so if you only need to ride one or two times, you can do both on the same day. There are 40 playgrounds in Legoland and 20 in the Waterpark. We had been to Legoland in different countries before, but we preferred the Waterpark in the heat of Dubai.

How to buy Legoland Dubai tickets?

Opening hours and prices: Both parks open at 10 am. The water park closes at 5 pm, while the other remains open until 7 pm. If you buy tickets at the gate, it costs 330 AED, if you by online, it’s 295 AED. Children under 3 years old are free. If you’re buying combined tickets for Legoland and the Waterpark, it’s 395 AED at the gate and 355 AED online. You can purchase tickets online here. If it’s crowded, I recommend renting a cabana

How to get to Legoland Dubai?

We stayed in JBR, we took a taxi in the morning and it cost AED 72.5. There is also a bus between Legoland and IBN Batuta Mall. On the way back, we took the bus, it cost AED 7.5. From IBN Batuta Mall, you can take a taxi or metro to where you are staying, there is a metro station just in front of it.

Legoland Dubai Waterpark Guide

I recommend wearing water shoes or something similar like slipstops. You should bring your own towels, but if you forget, you can rent or buy them inside.

You can rent a locker for valuables. There are sun bed at some of the pools inside, I used to leave towels etc. there to keep them handy.

There’s a shop inside Legoland Waterpark where you can buy summer products. The big toy store is on the other side but you can shop there by asking for permission at the exit.

There is wifi inside, the internet is quite good.

My personal favorites at the waterpark were LEGO Slide Racers, Splash ‘N’ Swirl and Red Rush.

Accommodation in Legoland Dubai with Kids

The area where Legoland is located is quite far from the city center. It’s in a region called Dubai Parks & Resorts, which has different amusement parks. If you plan to spend your days entirely in these parks, staying in this area may be a good option, as you get free access to a park each night of your stay. You can stay either in Legoland’s own themed hotel or in other hotels in the area. The main hotels there are: LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai , Lapita, Autograph Collection , Rove At The Park . In my article ‘Guide to Dubai With Kids’, I wrote in detail about accommodation options in Dubai generally, you can read that article as well.

The Ultimate Guide to Dubai with Kids

Dining at Legoland Dubai with kids

You can not bring your own food and drinks inside. There are a few dining areas where you can eat. At the entrance, they sell refillable water bottles that you can use to refill with water and other soft drinks as much as you want throughout the day. The price of the bottle is 69 AED each. For food, we had one pepperoni pizza and one margherita pizza. The pepperoni was 45 AED, and the margherita was 40 AED. At a cafe named Waves Bistro, after 4 pm, with an adult meal, you get chicken nuggets or a hamburger for a child for free.

I tried to explain all the details so that there would be no question marks in mind. I hope my Legoland Dubai Guide helps you to plan a nice trip. If there is anything else you want to add or ask, please write in the comments so that everyone can benefit.

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