It is usually said that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you agree with this idea and you are in Tbilisi, you are looking at the right place. I cannot say that Georgia has a rich breakfast culture but there are many cafe options to have breakfast out. I would like to share with you my favorite addresses for breakfast in Tbilisi. Here is my mini guide for Tbilisi best breakfast places, have a good read.

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Where to eat the best breakfast in Tbilisi?

The breakfast places on this list are also places where you can go just for coffee.

Best Cafes in Tbilisi for Coffee

Kikliko: It is located in Vake. In the menu there are mostly different kind of French toasts but they have other breakfast options too. Kikliko means French toast in Georgian language. A small place with a garden. Highly recommend if you are staying in this area.

Address: 28 Mtskheta St.

Lolita: Located in Vera, most of the place is outdoors but there is also an indoor area. The outdoor parts are heated by the heater so it is possible to sit in all seasons. It is one of the most popular places in Tbilisi where you can come for every meal of the day or for a drink in the evening.

Address: 7 Tamar Chovelidze St.

Sol: Located in the Vera region. The breakfast menu is quite rich and delicious. From chiji biji(egg with tomato) to bowls, pancakes to eggs benedict, they have whatever you want. The coffees come in very cute cups. The place itself is also nice and they have a little garden.

Address: 28 Vasil Petriashvili Street

Chaduna: Located in the Sololaki district. It’s pretty popular as I’ve seen. Usually I can not find a place to sit. It is located on the ground floor of one of Sololaki’s old apartments. The breakfast options are good and the interior of the place is decorated with cute vintage details.

Address: 18 Galaktion Tabidze St.

Kikodze: It is located in the Vera area. They have turned the garden of an old wine factory into a complex of venues, here is actually a bar among them, but you can have breakfast in the daytime. In general, they prepare everything well, but my special favorite here is Cottage cheese pancakes, give it a try.

Address: 1 Vasil Petriashvili St.

Shukura: Located in Vake. A quiet little cafe. There is a large table in the middle, it is usually crowded with people who come to work, but there are a few more places to sit. There are benches in front of the door. Good for breakfast or coffee if you are around Vake and there is space. For additional information, there is live Jazz music here on Wednesday evenings.

Address: 49 Irakli Abashidze St.

Santino Modccoffeebar: It is located in my favorite street of Orbeliani. One of my favorite cafes. The table chairs in front of the door reminds me of Parisian cafes. The interior is two-storey, with a library environment and armchairs on the upper floor, and you sit on the bar chairs facing the window at the first floor.

Address: 15 Atoneli St.

I’ll share my favorite chain cafes that have branches in different parts of the city. If you are not close to any of the above cafes, you can go to these ones for breakfast: Coffee LAB, Entree, Paul.

There are some more breakfast and brunch places in Tbilisi, but I didn’t want to confuse you by extending the list too much. That’s why I’ve only shared my favorites among my own experiences. I hope also you like these cafes.

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