When Omnichannel Causes CSAT to Plummet

Omnichannel communications are essential for connecting with customers who expect to call, text, message, email, and chat interchangeably with anyone at anytime. Yet, despite the fact that more businesses than ever are offering omnichannel, many companies are seeing their customer satisfaction (CSAT) levels plummet. Why?

It could be that your business is misusing or underutilizing omnichannel in your customer service offerings, or that you’re not providing all-star service across all channels. According to Salesforce, 75 percent of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage.

If any of the following no-nos sound familiar to you, perhaps it’s time to rethink your implementation of omnichannel.

Does your contact center…

  • Make agents flip between systems to handle chats, text messages, and calls?
  • Have too few agents trained to handle multiple channels?
  • Force agents to perform high-frequency tasks better suited for bots?
  • Route callers based on an option they selected, instead of asking what they want?
  • Steer customers who reach you via chat, SMS, and Messengers to a phone number to call instead?

As Murph Krajewski notes, these deadly omnichannel sins are killing customer service: “You mustn’t begin with the channel, but with the customer. This means offering assistance in any way your customer might be trying to find it rather than trying to funnel your customer down the channel you think is best.”

Learn how you can make omnichannel boost your CSAT levels.

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